Presentation Materials from 2018 conference

Now You See Me! — Building Comfortable Connections with Distance Students Using Technology ~ Helen Fleming

A CATALYST for Growth: Engaging Students through Alumni Mentoring 

Catalyst – Supplemental materials

Navigating the New Oregon Trail

Reframing Academic Mindsets to Improve Student Success

Reframing supplemental #1

Reframing supplemental #2

Advising Against the Odds

Against the Odds supplemental

When Grief Interferes with Academics: Advising Online Adult Learners

Improv(ing) Your Advising Practices

Belonging From the Beginning

Belonging Supplemental #1

First to Go; First to Create:  How to Create and Sustain a Supportive First Generation Student Initiative from Scratch

Advising Undecided Students When Undecided is no Longer an Option