Draft Bylaws of the Oregon Academic Advising Association (Revised March 2017)

There will be nine members of the OAAA Leadership Committee. Voting members are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications Coordinator. Non-voting members (will) include: Past-President, two NACADA region 8 Oregon Liaisons, and the current OR Academic Advising Conference chair.


President: The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and Leadership Committee. The President is generally responsible for overseeing all of the Association’s activities. The President may call special meetings of the Leadership Committee and will serve as an ex-officio member of all standing and ad hoc committees. After completing their term, the President serves one term as Past-President.

Vice President: The Vice President shall perform the duties and responsibilities of the President in the President’s absence, and when so acting, shall exercise the powers of the President. VP also serves as a designated back up to the Treasurer when/if necessary.

Secretary: The Secretary shall keep records of all meetings of the Association and the Leadership Committee and shall give notice of special and regular meetings to all members.

Treasurer: The Treasurer will have custody of all OAAA funds and shall maintain such deposits in a federally insured depository institution approved by the Leadership Committee. The Treasurer shall also maintain a ledger accounting for all receipts and disbursements, provide year-to-date and annual reports at Leadership Committee and Annual Meetings, and have the books available for audit prior to the Annual Meeting. The fiscal year will be from September 1st through August 31st.

Communication Coordinator: The Communication Coordinator shall maintain the Association’s website and coordinate communication with the membership by listserv groups, social media, newsletters, or other mediums as approved by the Leadership Committee.

Term Limits:

Inaugural Leadership Committee members will serve either two or three year terms to avoid rotating the entire committee off at once. Thereafter, terms will be two years in length.