2018 OAAA Conference – Save the Date

The date is set, and wheels are in motion to have our next OAAA Annual Conference in Bend at The Riverhouse on June 22.  Stay tuned for a call for planning committee members and proposals. Get involved!!! See you there!!!

Stay current with Oregon Transfer Workgroup information!

In 2017, the Oregon State Legislature passed House Bill 2998, a bill designed to streamline transfer between Oregon’s community colleges and public universities.

As a result, the Higher Education Coordinating Commission is working with institution partners to simplify and better align pathways for students to successfully transfer between institutions, maximize credits toward their degrees and certificates, and decrease time-to-degree completion. ​The development of a seamless transfer system will reduce the time and money transfer students spend to achieve their education and career goals, and support progress towards Oregon’s educational and economic goals.

For those who would like to stay current with information related to the HB 2998 Transfer Workgroup: