Nominations and upcoming elections

Looking for a way to build leadership skills and experience? We are currently accepting nominations for OAAA leadership roles that will start this July (President, Vice President, Secretary, Communications, and Treasurer). Self-nominations are encouraged and questions are welcomed! Feel free to reach out to any of the currently serving members directly as below regarding duties, time commitment, or any other questions. The nomination form also contains info on what role is responsible for. Elections will open for voting on April 8th!
• Helen Fleming, OAAA President (
• Andrea Nelson, OAAA Vice President (
• Sarah Kyllo, OAAA Secretary/Acting Communications Lead (
• Brenda Sallee, OAAA Treasurer (
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Your OAAA Leadership Team has been working to continue laying a strong foundation for OAAA so it may become an organization advisors across Oregon postsecondary institutions can look to for information and the sharing of promising practices. That foundation includes registering the OAAA as an official organization with the State of Oregon, establishing bank accounts and updating the OAAA website. As you can guess, some of these modest measures require ongoing fees to keep them current.

Up until this point, OAAA has not had an ongoing revenue stream. The only offering of the association was the annual conference which was supported by registration fees, NACADA grants and some institutional sponsorships. In other words, we were running on a very thin shoestring budget that at times barely covered expenses for the conference much less expand the offerings of the association. 

During the 2018 conference, the annual business meeting was held to discuss, among other items, membership and dues for OAAA. At that time, those present indicated through a show of hands support for OAAA implementing a modest individual membership fee of $20 per fiscal year. Given we are in mid-February, the OAAA Leadership Team is offering an individual membership fee of $10 that would be good for the remainder of the 2018-19 fiscal year.

Please visit our newly created membership page to begin supporting Academic Advising in Oregon!
Your OAAA leadership team thanks you for your continued support and we look forward to being able to offer you more benefits as membership grows!

Community College Representative announced!

Hello Oregon advisors!  We hope you had a great Fall Term and are able to have some time to reflect and prepare for next year.  We are excited to announce that William Butler-Paisley, from Portland Community College’s Sylvania Campus, has been elected to serve as our very first Community College Representative.  William will act as the OAAA liaison between community college members and the OAAA leadership team.  He will also help to coordinate and recruit members from Oregon’s Community College system.